inspects the comfort, design and functional characteristics of an object while dealing with quality. Golden proportion is the inevitable criterion of the design in drawing. House, office, metropolis, shopping mall, hotel, gym, airport…

With LUCCO products such as closet, washbasin, pissoir, which have antibacterial and easily cleaned hygiene technology, individual and common use areas could turn into a quality place.

Leave the stage to it.
Use the power of colors in all details in order to draw likes for your place.
Color Options
Bringing distinction to your life with elegant and functional solutions? Isn’t it perfect if useful solutions as aesthetic lines, harmony and attractive colors are always with you? So it is time that you met design culture and alternatives of LUCCO.
Color Options
LUCCO products can be partially or completely covered with gold and silver cover special for you.
After the product take the final shape it coated by a speacial coating technology and firing in 900°C-1000 °C becomes aesthetichs from one side and extremely handy in term of health from another side.
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